Terms and Conditions

Tuition Services

  1. All group workshop bookings are date-specific and time-specific.
  2. Bookings are not confirmed until the full payment has been transferred and acknowledged by email.
  3. Twenty-four hours’ notice is required to postpone a private booking. Otherwise, full session fee will be charged.

Editorial Services

  1. Editorial work is provided as a one-off, detailed personal response to the writing provided. Comments address point of view, voice, character, dialogue, description, plot, pacing, structure, tone, pace, place and setting. The length and intricacy of the report will vary with the work submitted.
  2. The report will be normally be emailed within two weeks of receiving the text and the agreed payment for the text (unless an alternative completion date is agreed). If I need to extend this time, I will contact the client via email.
  3. Editorial work should not be used as an alternative to the writer’s own proofreading. Unless the writer has told me they are writing in a second language or has identified a similarly specific need, editorial reports will not include correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  4. Formatting should be double-spaced, in a 12-point or 14-point font.
  5. The length of the work submitted should not exceed the ‘word slot’ that has been paid for. For example, if your work is 3500 words you would need to have paid for 4000 words, not 3000 words.
  6. All work submitted to me will be held in strictest confidence.
  7. The copyright of the work submitted remains with the author of the work.
  8. The copyright of the report remains with me (Rachel Knightley). Assessment copyright remains with me (Rachel Knightley).
  9. Permission must be sought by either party to quote from the assessment, whether to agents, on personal websites or on social media.
  10. While receiving feedback is a sensitive process, clients are expected to remain professional and courteous at all times.
  11. Should a client’s manner become offensive or abusive, I reserve the right to cease work with that client.
  12. I am unable to enter into follow-up correspondence with a client once I have provided them with my assessment of their work.
  13. I cannot be held liable for any losses, claims or demands by the client or any third party arising out of my tuition or editorial services.
  14. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that no work is a) in breach of copyright b) libelous or c) illegal in any other way.