Sponsored Write

Green Ink Sponsored Write

Every autumn, Green Ink Sponsored Write brings together published and unpublished writers from across the genres to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Previous authors include Tony Bradman, James Graham, Lucy-Anne Holmes and Kim Newman. 

Every year a theme is announced, and writers approach it in any way they like. The writing takes place from 10.30am and ends at 5pm (with an hour’s break for lunch, of course!). The writers have 24 hours to edit their work, then the work is made into an anthology sent to all our sponsors.

Macmillan Cancer Support is all about quality of life – making the most of who we are and the time we have. Reflecting that mission, writers are sponsored for their time, not their word-count. In 2019, we raised £1825. In 2018, we raised £1361. In 2017, we raised £1646In 2020, we raised £3713.