1:1 Coaching for You and Your Writing Life

Receive 50% off all coaching and editorial support during your term membership with any Green Ink Writers’ Gym six-week course.

Developing your voice as a writer is a deeply individual process.  From tailored prompts, exercises and editorial feedback to identifying and breaking through creative blocks, every aspect of your session will be tailored to you, your art and your life.

1:1 coaching ensures you’re asking the right questions of your plot and characters, story and pace – and setting yourself healthy goals to keep you motivated and engaged with your creative process, whatever art and life throw your way.

Dr Rachel Knightley has taught communication and performance since 2007, and formed Green Ink Creative Writing, Speech and Drama in 2008. SShe coaches and edits online and from her base in Putney, southwest London. Contact Rachel to arrange an initial call.

“As a biographer with a project on the go, I’ve felt liberated by allowing myself to write with the freedom of fiction. Your skill has made that possible… You’ve enabled me to build up a substantial section of my project, almost without realising it.” Angela

“Rachel is helping me learn exactly what I need, in order to realise an ambitious novel to a high standard. Part magician, part maestro, part mentor: she has an extraordinary ability to  elicit from me my own-true goal, explain to me where my attitudes to writing or my habits are leading my work off-course, and teach me essential skills enabling me to write what’s in my head-heart-gut.”  Kate

“Has honestly been transformative for my book. I was planning on writing a sanitised shopping list of things Bjorn had done, with little sense of point of view or narrative, but thanks to your input so early on the story has come to life (I hope!) . I also abided by the ‘ask for forgiveness rather than permission’ mantra, and it turns out my commissioner likes the more ambitious, unorthodox style which is a huge relief. In short, thanks so much for your guidance and wisdom.” Nick